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Packages that use FlowMethod
org.lightwolf Core classes for flow manipulation and synchronization. 
org.lightwolf.synchronization Classes that perform bytecode enhancing. 

Uses of FlowMethod in org.lightwolf

Methods in org.lightwolf with annotations of type FlowMethod
protected abstract  Connection ProcessManager.accept(Object matcher)
static Connection Process.accept(Object matcher)
 SocketChannel IOActivator.accept(ServerSocketChannel socket)
          Accepts a single incoming connection without holding any thread during the wait.
protected abstract  Connection ProcessManager.acceptMany(Object matcher)
static Connection Process.acceptMany(Object matcher)
 SocketChannel IOActivator.acceptMany(ServerSocketChannel socket)
          Accepts multiple incoming connections without holding any thread during the wait.
static Object address, Object message)
          Sends a request to the informed address and waits for a response.
 boolean Continuation.checkpoint()
          Places a checkpoint on the current flow, which can be used resume execution from the point of invocation.
protected abstract  Connection ProcessManager.connect(Object matcher)
static Connection Process.connect(Object matcher)
protected abstract  Connection ProcessManager.connectMany(Object matcher)
static Connection Process.connectMany(Object matcher)
static void Flow.end()
          Ends the current flow.
static void Flow.endFork()
          Ends the current fork without waiting for any branch.
static void Flow.forgetFork()
          Forgets the current fork without waiting for any branch.
static boolean Flow.forgetProcess()
          Removes the current flow from its current process.
static int Flow.fork(int n)
          Starts a fork on the invoker.
static void Flow.joinProcess(Process process)
          Adds the current flow to the informed process.
static void Flow.leaveProcess()
          Removes the current flow from its current process.
static void Flow.merge()
          Ends a fork by restoring single-threaded execution.
static boolean Flow.merge(long timeout, TimeUnit unit)
          Attempts to end a fork, or give-up after a timeout elapses.
static Process Flow.process()
          The process to which this flow belongs.
 int channel, ByteBuffer dst)
          Reads a sequence of bytes from the channel without holding any thread during the wait.
protected abstract  Object ProcessManager.receive(Object matcher)
static Object Process.receive(Object address)
          Listens for a single message sent to the informed address.
protected abstract  Object ProcessManager.receiveMany(Object matcher)
static Object Process.receiveMany(Object address)
          Listens for multiple messages sent to the informed address.
 void IRequest.response(Object response)
          Sends the response, resuming the flow that is waiting for it.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue()
          Performs return while continuing asynchronously.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue(boolean v)
          Performs return boolean-value while continuing asynchronously.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue(byte v)
          Performs return byte-value while continuing asynchronously.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue(char v)
          Performs return char-value while continuing asynchronously.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue(double v)
          Performs return double-value while continuing asynchronously.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue(float v)
          Performs return float-value while continuing asynchronously.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue(int v)
          Causes a method to return an int while continuing asynchronously.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue(long v)
          Performs return long-value while continuing asynchronously.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue(Object v)
          Performs return reference-value while continuing asynchronously.
static void Flow.returnAndContinue(short v)
          Performs return short-value while continuing asynchronously.
protected abstract  void ProcessManager.send(Object destKey, Object message)
static void Process.send(Object address, Object message)
          Sends a message to the informed address.
static IRequest Process.serve(Object address)
          Listens for a single request sent to the informed address.
static IRequest Process.serveMany(Object address)
          Listens for multiple messages sent to the informed address.
static Object Flow.signal(FlowSignal signal)
          Suspends the flow and sends a signal to the flow-controller.
static int Flow.split(int n)
          Initiates concurrent execution on the invoker.
static Object Flow.suspend()
          Equivalent to suspend(null).
static Object Flow.suspend(Object argument)
          Suspends the current flow, allowing the current thread to be released.
protected abstract  Object ProcessManager.wait(Object matcher)
static Object Process.wait(Object key)
          Waits for a notification that matches the informed key.
 int IOActivator.wait(SelectableChannel channel, int ops)
protected abstract  Object ProcessManager.waitMany(Object matcher)
static Object Process.waitMany(Object key)
          Waits for multiple notifications that matches the informed key.
 int IOActivator.write(WritableByteChannel channel, ByteBuffer src)
          Writes a sequence of bytes from the channel without holding any thread during the wait.

Uses of FlowMethod in org.lightwolf.process

Methods in org.lightwolf.process with annotations of type FlowMethod
protected  void OldProcess.enter()
static void CurrentProcess.enter()
protected  void OldProcess.join()
static void CurrentProcess.join()
protected  boolean OldProcess.onPath()
static boolean CurrentProcess.onPath()
          Returns true if this is a fork path.

Uses of FlowMethod in org.lightwolf.synchronization

Methods in org.lightwolf.synchronization with annotations of type FlowMethod
 boolean ParallelIterator.hasNext()
 void ThreadFreeLock.lock()
 boolean EventPicker.onEvent(Object event)
 boolean EventPicker.onTimeout(long time, TimeUnit unit)
 void EventPicker.pick()
 boolean ThreadFreeLock.tryLock()
 boolean ThreadFreeLock.tryLock(long time, TimeUnit unit)

Uses of FlowMethod in

Methods in with annotations of type FlowMethod
protected  Connection SimpleProcessManager.accept(Object matcher)
protected  Connection SimpleProcessManager.acceptMany(Object matcher)
protected  Connection SimpleProcessManager.connect(Object matcher)
protected  Connection SimpleProcessManager.connectMany(Object matcher)
protected  Object SimpleProcessManager.receive(Object address)
protected  Object SimpleProcessManager.receiveMany(Object address)
protected  void SimpleProcessManager.send(Object address, Object message)
protected  Object SimpleProcessManager.wait(Object matcher)
protected  Object SimpleProcessManager.waitMany(Object matcher)